How to send document to potential lead via crm?

To send the document through the crm you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open “Workflow” tab
  • Click “Create document” link

Make sure the value of “Access from outside” is set to “Yes”.


  • Click “Submit” button in order to add the document to the system
  • Go to “Workflow” tab, open “View documents” link
  • Choose the document you’ve added and click “Send the document” link in “EXT.ACCESS”


  • Fill in the the form – Subject, Message, To ( e-mail )  ( or select recipient from “Choose recipient from active” contacts ) and click “Submit” to send the message.


E-mail configuration profiles

To insure the employee is capable of using its e-mail ( located on 3d party server) with LimcoCRM system it is important to add an e-mail configuration profile of 3d party server. If everything is done correctly – all outgoing messages sent via CRM will be delivered by this 3d party server as well as every such message will have employee’s e-mail mentioned as a sender.

Configuration module is accessible to Administrators and Team leaders ( Supervisors ).

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LimcoCRM Access Management

An access to LimcoCRM is given to Employees. Employees are divided into Teams and provided with specific Access Roles. Splitting into Teams affects an access to specific regional content as well as makes different presentation of business objects related to certain teams.

Employee management is performed via “View employees” section inside “Employees” tab.

View EmployeesFrom this section you may have access to basic features like search, employee profile modification, status change and removal. It is worth to mention an ability to see ALL possible assignments  via “List Assignments” button in “Assignments” column.

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Access roles

Roles are used to set access rights to the system. Later roles are assigned to certain employees in order to control their activities. Only Administrators can change access roles.

To create a new role you should:

  1. Open “Employees” tab
  2. Click on “Create role” link

Create access roleNB! “List of rights” represents the list of system sections which can be accessed by the employee with assigned role.

NB! Any modification of the existing role which is currently in use becomes active only after addition authorization ( Log out -> Log in ).


Statistics on employees and teams. Efficiency.

Statistics section provides an ability to evaluate the efficiency of employees and teams over defined period of time. The efficiency is measured in converted leads, opportunities and quotes, as well in quotes, leads and opportunities which have status “in process”. An access to this section is limited to Team supervisors and Administrators.

To open this section you should:

  1. Open “Employees” tab
  2. Click “View stats” link

View efficiency statisticsThe report can be split by teams and employees.



PDF docs, invoices, comparison docs, manuals, guides, presentations etc. are just some of the documents that employees may use frequently during business processes. For all these, there is Documents module, a document repository, a place where you can organize and manage all your business related files and also share it with people in your organization as well as outside it.

To create a document you should:

  1. Open “Workflow” tab
  2. Click “Create document” link

Create documentName” of document is mandatory. “Access from outside” is needed if you plan to show it to 3d parties outside LimcoCRM system, “Type” and “Category” is the way how to classify the documents inside the system.

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Web forms

Web forms module of LimcoCRM gives an ability to capture visitor’s information ( =leads ) from 3d party websites.

To create the web forms you should:

  1. Open “Marketing” tab
  2. Click “Create web forms” link

Create web form

Employee may customize the header, footer and all the fields names, types and variable names. As soon as form is created – the iframe code should be copy-pasted from “Marketing” tab, “View web forms” and pasted into a page on 3d party website.

Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaign is a tracking solution which let’s you track the results of various online/offline marketing activities. Marketing campaign will help you to evaluate the efficiency of any marketing channel in order to identify its ROI.

After the creation of the marketing campaign you will have the special link which accepts incoming traffic, “register” it and redirects the users to a destination url. To make this tracking solution more efficient you may add special arguments in order to track various things ( like ad group id, keyword etc. ).

While checking the reports related to certain types of objects ( like leads ) you may notice that campaign id is represented there. It means you will be always able to see the source of your leads.